Kenny Anthony recommends bipartisan approach to governance

(Barbados Nation) CASTRIES – Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony is recommending a bi-partisan approach to governance.

He said that while political interests differ, the goal of any political party is to move the country forward. As such, he has been taking steps to include the island’s main opposition party in critical governance issues.

“I think we have to change the political culture of Saint Lucia as best as we can, and if I can lay the foundation for that change then it means we will be better prepared to make the adjustments in the future.”

Dr Anthony said he learned a lot from his experiences as Leader of the Opposition.

“During the period that former Prime Minister Stephenson King was Leader of the Opposition, I attempted to change the approach to the Opposition by providing them with more resources. You would recall that I even made a vehicle available to the Leader of the Opposition. It came out of my own personal experience – how I was treated when I was in opposition, and I understood fully that we could not continue that kind of politics into the future.”

Examples of bi-partisan collaboration can be seen in the Members of Parliament touring the John Compton, the National Vision Commission and the Global Citizenship Program for Saint Lucia.

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