PNM: Withdraw support for Bhoe Tewarie

(Trinidad Express) The Opposition PNM is “demanding” that Government withdraw its support of Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie for the post of Commonwealth Secretary General, saying he is a “poor candidate”.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday the only support Tewarie had been able to muster within the Caricom region so far was the support of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who was trying to foist Tewarie on the region and the Commonwealth. “To the best of our knowledge in the Opposition, no other country is supporting Dr Tewarie and that should tell the Prime Minister something. Because Dr Tewarie has no background in diplomacy, no involvement in Commonwealth matters, and to put him forward as Head of the Commonwealth Secret-ariat, he has no chance of going forward ,” Rowley said. There are 12 members Caricom Commonwealth countries.

Rowley said there was one particular candidate who was well known to the Caribbean, “a quintessential Caribbean man”, Sir Ronald Sanders, who has nine votes available to him”.

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