Bartica speedboat fare should be reduced

Dear Editor,

Since the reduction in the fuel price commuters travelling to and from Bartica by speedboat are complaining that the fare should be reduced. Most of the passenger boats are not operated by the owners of these boats, so the operators fleece the travelling public by charging for suitcases, bags, etc.

The travelling public are asking the Minister of Tourism and Transport to intervene by calling a meeting with the speedboat owners of Bartica to discuss this matter. Some outside boats which are not in the turn system are charging $2000 at present.

Secondly, most of the taxis in Bartica are overdoing it by charging four hundred dollars per drop. Bartica is one square mile, and most of these taxis are private hire cars.

Many thanks to GPL which is making an effort to reduce the cost of power in Guyana.

Bartica is looking much cleaner now that flooding has been reduced. Thanks to the IMC and NDC which should keep it up, and let the citizens pick it up.

Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller,Sr

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