There should be more than talk from the AFC

Dear Editor,

The emergence of the Alliance For Change brought a lot of hope to Guyana and it was expected that all of the old political posturing would have been a thing of the past. Of course it was fair thinking at the time because two of the youngest and potentially balanced individuals led this new entity, with the first leader (Mr Rafael Trotman) this hope for a new Guyana was more than justified and could have been a reality. Mr Ramjattan and Mr Trotman were raised under two different political mentors, getting together under that kind of background augured well for a new breath of political fresh air.

However, they flattered to deceive. The disappointments, diversions and detours have been many for this aspiring ‘want to lead’ our Guyana party. To put things mildly they have made things worse since no significant contribution was made toward national development, cohesiveness, race issues, and a new political order; they have let the nation down in a very big way and may need to go back to the drawing board and analyse why they came on the scene in the first place, to revisit their purpose and effectiveness.

The Alliance For Change have left on the minds of the nation the question of where they hope to go from here, and what as a political entity they would like to achieve. It is not too late; post mortems could help remedy faults and failures and could still make this party a force to be reckoned with.

The majority of Guyanese might be looking for something that would appeal to the mind. It must be better than what is being done, and must show proof that we have not moved forward as a nation; if this can’t be done then they might be flogging a dead horse.

We as a nation want more than just talk; action, demonstration and convincing stuff must be forthcoming from those who want to lead Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Ivan John

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