Dear Editor,


This will be a historic election in Guyana, especially for the young Guyanese voters. They will have the opportunity to choose the government they need to protect their future. So this is the time for them to vote intelligently.

Guyana has lost all of its integrity at home and abroad. It is a shame to see what is taking place in our society with no respect for law and order, no respect for parliament and no respect for the opposition and the courts.

The poorer class of people have no choice but to survive on two meals a day. If you have been governing a country for twenty-two years and your own supporters turn their backs on you, it clearly shows that they are dissatisfied with your leadership as a government.

The traditional voting pattern is slipping away from the PPP/C which is why they are leaning on the Amerindian fence with gifts such as buses and other ‘goodies,’ thanks to the AFC party that submitted the no-confidence motion to parliament. Many of the structures in Amerindian communities such as bridges and health huts have been built through foreign aid.

The campaign is on and the PPP/C will speak about the twenty-eight years rule by the PNC.

I was looking at the television when I saw these words appear, namely that thirty-two years ago only 20% of the children in Guyana had access to education. This is totally incorrect; I attended school in the interior and our school used to be full. We produced teachers, nurses, doctors and accountants. Some of these nurses are working in England and America now. I do know that many people were educated in the PNC era, including Mr Jagdeo and others who are in charge today.

Let me mention some of the PNC achievements during their leadership: the Linden Highway, the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the Canje Bridge, President’s College, the NIS, the construction of the Umana Yana in 1972, and the Guyana Rice Marketing Board that was disbanded in 1993 by the PPP/C. The Amerindians were given land titles in accordance with the 1966 constitution. In the PNC era schoolboys went to city to play school cricket that does not exist now; we

travelled all the way from Region One.

Our natural resources are being exploited by foreign companies, and in the end they take advantage of our Guyanese labour force, while the government is dormant. So this is the time for young voters to secure their future.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Hope
Former AFC Councillor




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