Putting the arrogant in their place

Dear Editor,

There are times when nothing irritates you more than finding yourself around folks who think excessively of themselves, creating an atmosphere of utmost discomfort and tension; it’s like an aggression and it tears you up!

I’m not talking about people with good reason for feeling on top of the world, who exhibit a kind of exuberance and sense of pride which is healthy and good for the soul. No, I’m talking about the overbearing and overblown narcissistic aloofness displayed by the self-righteous, who neither think nor care a toss about anyone but themselves. Honestly, it pains me sick when such people take great pleasure in putting down folks because they are seen to be of humble status. You meet these kinds of people from time to time; they dwell amongst us, so be aware, for they can wear you bone dry.

I had the joy of seeing one in full stride not so long ago. Man, he was in his glory best, on top of his nonsense, and then for a fleeting moment he was put in his place.

Given their accustomed arrogance which has become second nature to them, they often overstep the boundary – which is hard for them to recognise anyway. And because for whatever reason they are often tolerated and seldom challenged, over time it causes them to bask in smugness. But this time around this particular ‘irritant’ was in for the unexpected. His opponent I gather had taken more than his fair share of his insults, and just had had his fill and was perched like a leopard biding his moment. As expected he went about his business as usual putting his opponent down; within the gathering, he was allowed to have the floor. Some in the gathering giggled a bit, some blushed, some weren’t too sure what to do while some were deadpan.   But before he was quite finished the guy (opponent) in a kind of controlled anger stormed into him – he had his files – stopping him in his tracks. He stood there definitely taken aback, but calmly stood his ground and within minutes regained his composure. He appeared unruffled – what a tough hide some of them have. In the face of it all he appeared not to care one dot; he gave no impression of being ashamed and he uttered not a word – at least I had to give him that. Yet these kinds of people are never quite prepared for real combat, to defend the high moral and intellectual ground they have assumed; the conceit displayed is what gives them away as mere poltroons. When his opponent was finished it was like ‘game up.’ The faces of those standing around wore varied expressions; they all had stood focused as if listening to a powerful debator, and none giggled, blushed or anything when the ‘irritant’ was on the floor. However, I think they all were pleased.

Editor, it boggles me why some higher-up folks, intellectuals, the bourgeoisie if you will, often make the terrible mistake of thinking that they alone possess the aptitude to analyse the ordinary everyday working class folks, but conversely ordinary folks can’t fathom them. Well, for all I care they can fool themselves and swallow that poppycock hook, line and sinker, but it wouldn’t change what is fact: that everyday people are much more adept at figuring them out than they want to believe. Really most of these put-down people are often nothing more than 24 carat mind-blowers.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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