Has not been paid for eight months; file still with Sooba

Dear Editor,

I am a 20-year-old Guyanese woman and was interviewed for a job as a clerk at the Mayor and City Council, presented my qualifications and after my application was approved by the city council, I received a letter of appointment dated 1st July 2014.

Since that date, I have been turning out to work at the Mayor’s office. However, despite efforts made by the councillors and appeals to the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development and to the union, I am told that my file is still with Ms Sooba.

I am further told that Ms Sooba, Town Clerk (ag) has given no reason for refusing to pay me for eight months. I have had to suffer the pain and hardship of facing the last Christmas penniless, and it seems I will be facing a similar embarrassment for Mashramani this year.

I am sending this letter to the media and the President of Guyana and ask that all citizens with a sense of decency and fairness speak up against this gross injustice.

Nowhere else in the world could someone work for eight months, find transportation to and from work, feed and clothe herself and not be paid without an explanation.


Yours faithfully,
Nnesha Hinds

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