Dear Editor,

‘Done deal’ the headline announced (SN Feb 15). According to the communique, it is just the beginning. Here is where I stand.

I like what I read and hear; I like the feel and promise of what has been shared. To be sure, it is not perfect, but this is representative of significant territory covered. The order of the hierarchy is sound and pragmatic and electorally realistic; the sharing arrangements a decent start. Some of the responsibilities-concrete and substantial-are clearly earmarked; that, too, is encouraging. I think that this is the way to proceed. I may be a sucker for punishment, thus I see reason for optimism; now is not the time for misgivings or second guessing. Now is the time for consolidation and traction and momentum.

Now there are stakeholders, shareholders, and bondholders to be immersed in the business of the state, and to be accountable for the state of said business. There is little room for error, or default. Go to it. The first order of business is removal of the ragged, offensive curtain that has blotted local existence for the last 23 years; the second is to seize the moment and give power back to the people through constitutional reform. Failure to do so early and powerfully, risks bracketing with the incumbents and all the obscene excesses associated with them. Go to it! Let there be a plan of priorities, and a compact that speaks for the people and with them.

The time has come to stop talking and start working; hard, tireless, painstaking work through serving the waiting expectant people of this nation. Go to it!

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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