Why is nothing being done about the dumpsite next to Hoppy’s Snackette?

Dear Editor,

That once popular spot in Linden, Hoppy’s Snackette, renowned for fierce political discussions and arguments, hence the name ‘parliament’ (a name copied from the first authentic ‘parliament’ which was Deslyn’s Snackette situated at Greenheart Street and Independence Avenue) is no more. A new business now operates there. Hoppy’s Snackette has now been relocated to the McKenzie Market Square immediately next to the garbage pool dumpsite.

Editor, this letter comes with all sincerity as a concerned and disturbed citizen. I remember well there was much concern when this spot where Hoppy’s business now is was first mentioned, and there would have been a bit of desperation to find a spot, since the brother’s means of survival was being compromised. There was much discussion among Lindeners about having any kind of business competing so near to the garbage. If my memory serves me well, I remember reading that the IMC Chairman said he had given orders for the “decommissioning” of that garbage site, but that was six months or more ago. What is troubling is that the entire community is aware of this abominable and outrageous situation and spoke up, but since nothing it seems is being done, it looks as if not only the community, but more importantly the health authorities and other top functionaries have given up and resigned themselves to accept this pathetic state of affairs. If so, then what must we do? Who knows what could happen down the line; maybe we can look forward to others being subjected to worse without anyone batting an eyelid, and citing this despicable and obnoxious case as a precedent.

No one, but no one would risk the absurdity of defending this ‘wutlessness’; this is the limit of recklessness and uncivilized behaviour and none of the high officials entrusted with the welfare of the community except for one, have made a public pronouncement on it. From all indications no one seems to have any knowledge about orders being given against dumping, since the dumping goes on as usual, 24/7, now with even greater regularity as this business place nears completion. Just how those shoemakers at the back of the market who face it daily manage, is worth investigating; have they lost their sense of smell or do they have an antidote?

The stench polluting the atmosphere is strong enough at times to cause you to black out; everything imaginable is dumped there – rotten meat, etc. It’s not fair or sane, for business proprietor Mr Hopkinson’s immediate rival to be an ever present pile of stinking garbage. Then again there is something I find rather puzzling with respect to this matter: The majority of councillors – the decision making body within the M&TC – are some of the most vocal and boisterous in the Linden community; they run things and know how to wage war, but much more than that they are very close friends of Mr Hopkinson. They are buddy-friends, front bench members of parliament, so why is their silence so deafening on this matter? One meaningful and forceful resolution can have this abominable situation sorted out. What? Cat gat deh tongue or they cooking with smoke?

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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