The PPP/C has made Georgetown the dirtiest city in the Caribbean

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to extend heartfelt congratulations to the leadership of APNU and the AFC for reaching an agreement to forge national unity. The long-suffering people of Guyana have been waiting for this moment for much too long. This alliance has breathed fresh air into the political atmosphere.

Now that the elections are set for the May 11, 2015 I wish to call on the citizens of the City of Georgetown to take note of the mess the PPP/C has left us for over 20 years. The PPP/C made it their duty to destabilize the city council because the citizens of Georgetown did not give them the mandate to run the affairs of the city. The central government starved the city council of funds for over 20 years, thus allowing the city to become one garbage heap.

Editor, we do not need experts from the World Bank to tell us that the city council cannot carry out the work that they need to do to clean the city; rehabilitate the roads; pay for street lighting and maintain the markets, many of which have fallen apart. For those of us who were born in Georgetown and grew up in this city know what Georgetown was like before 1992. We know that our city drains and canals were kept clean and were desilted regularly. We saw our parapets being weeded and our street lights brightened up our streets.

Take a walk around our Parliament Building and you would be shocked to see the piles of garbage lying around, even on the pave of the historic St Andrew’s Kirk which is opposite the Parliament Building.

Under the PPP/C government Georgetown has become the dirtiest city in the entire English-speaking Caribbean. Please don’t tell us it is the city council’s fault, don’t blame Hamilton Green, don’t blame the PNC; the PPP/C must take the blame. It has formed the Government of Guyana and this is our capital city, so come May 11, the citizens of Georgetown will take note.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Fredericks

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