The university needs a transformation

Dear Editor,

The current strike at the University of Guyana should be examined carefully as it is a reflection of the sentiments shared by Guyanese who are tired of a system riddled with false promises, abuse, banditry, greed, and corruption. The current physical infrastructure at the UG campus is dilapidated to say the least. The environment in and out of the classroom is not supportive of learning or teaching. Abysmal mismanagement and poor leadership have allowed the only tertiary learning institution in the country to fall into chaos, with its crumbling infrastructure, un-affordability, and a loss in the quality of education and educators serving it. The university desperately needs transformation from within the crumbling walls of the classroom, that encompasses the physical landscape, staff, lecturers and senior management. The Independent Party (IP) joins in solidarity with the students and faculty of UG to demand changes that will facilitate an environment of higher learning. Unlike industries such as GuySuCo, which can be revived, the lives of students and faculties cannot be revived. Once the opportunity to achieve an affordable and decent quality education is lost to the everyday struggles of providing for family in Guyana, it is nearly impossible to regain.

The Independent Party strongly believes the call for change and improvement by the faculty, staff and students, and an immediate end to political appointments are reasonable. UG must maintain its position as an institution providing quality education, learning, research of standard quality, in keeping with any prestigious university. Furthermore, the University of Guyana must secure the advancement of knowledge and the diffusion of arts, sciences, and learning throughout Guyana and the region.

Moreover, this must be made possible in a clean, secure, non-political, comfortable and resource rich environment, that will facilitate individual and group learning as well as personal growth, and produce productive members of society who in turn can contribute to the further growth and development of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Ravindra Seepersaud

Mark A Benschop

For the Independent Party

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