Jaideo Doodnauth entertains the Guyanese public

Dear Editor,

Permit me to showcase another NCN broadcaster with a purpose to entertain, educate and inform the Guyanese listening public. That person is none other than Jaideo Doodnauth, whom I call the writer, owing to the presentation of his programmes, which at all times include the music of each ethnic group in Guyana. In addition he would disseminate information of interest to those listening in whenever he is on the air.

To my mind, he is the best broadcaster of this type of entertainment, and when he is standing in for any other programme, he makes it comfortable so you want to listen; even when he is doing specific Indian programmes, your attention is captivated. I would like to thank him for his presentation, and hope that he continues in the best interest of NCN and the general listening public.

Yours faithfully,

Owen Casey

(aka Uncle Casey)

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