Ramotar must be commended for setting up the Walter Rodney CoI

Dear Editor,

 The Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry set up by President Donald Ramotar continues to unearth new episodes in the circumstances that led to the assassination of Dr Walter Rodney.

Many of these revelations would have been buried deep beneath the sands of time were it not for the Commission of Inquiry. President Ramotar must be commended for his decision to have the commission established despite criticisms from many in the political opposition.

The evidence given by Donald Rodney, the brother of Dr Walter Rodney was particularly revealing and highlighted some aspects of the situation that are highly upsetting. The intrigues and high-voltage drama which took place on that fateful night as narrated by Donald Rodney during the Commission of Inquiry is stuff that makes for a high-voltage action-packed drama.

Yet these episodes actually transpired and we have to be grateful for all those who appeared before the commission as we seek to understand and make some sense of a troubled past.

The best way in which we can honour the memory and sacrifices of Dr Walter Rodney is by ensuring that we do not allow for a return to such a sordid past.

 Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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