Without professional help teammates must try to motivate one another

Dear Editor,

Delivering talent under pressure, is the test that Graham Gooch said England failed in describing what he called England`s disgraceful performance in its opening match against Australia; the same England, whose journalists were so gleeful and disparaging in their commentary on the WI defeat at the hands of Ireland. He specifically mentioned Morgan, who, though not in the same league as Gayle, is having an even worse run than the latter without half the criticism. Indeed, performing at a high level under intense pressure is the crux of the problem with which the team is faced.

There are two approaches to deal with such an issue: there is the WI way, which, as young Leon Johnson, based on an interview he gave in South Africa, obviously learnt from management, is to sort it out yourself; or there is the approach followed by all other countries, that is, to include a psychologist in the supporting staff to help in mental preparation.

I prefer myself on that score, to follow the crowd. Without such professional help, however, all teammates must get together and try to motivate one another. They have no choice.

 Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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