Citizens should not be selfish and should cast their vote

Dear Editor,

I had to use my ID card at the bank a few days ago. Zoning out of my transaction, I paused to admire the slick and sophisticated item. Of course I dived into its political value; it gives me an identity, but even more, it gives me power.

Compared to the nations with centuries of democracy, my Guyana is juvenile, and as with all youths, we must look to it with compassion and responsibility. Many are quick to say that they are not interested in politics, yet the homes we live in, and the roads we walk on, are products of politics, and at some point, don’t we all need some sort of political document (like the ID card that brought about this thought)?

This world owes me nothing, it was here before me, and will be here long after my time, yet it gives me all that I am. What better way to show gratitude than to contribute to its development. Casting a vote is so selfless; it’s a right of all citizens, regardless of how biased or impartial they are. Simply, a citizen that chooses not to cast a vote flushes their democratic power down the sewer. Many have nourished this country with their life blood throughout our history; expelled all cowardice and selfishness, and chosen to protect what they worked for. See you on May 11.

Yours faithfully,

Hercules Ramphal

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