Dear Editor,

Two weeks ago, a friend told me that most of the letters written to the editor are about all the bad things happening in our country. While he doesn’t disagree that many bad things are happening, he wanted to read some of the good things that are happening as well. So I challenged myself to write only good things. But I must confess that I’m finding it difficult to find good things to write about. This doesn’t mean that some good things aren’t happening.

During the past two weeks, I saw so many bad things to write about but I resisted. I’m determined to write some positive stories no matter how long it takes me. After two weeks of looking for a positive story I found one. Three teenage boys asked me to take them on a boat ride because they had never been on a boat before. I was surprised that they live in Georgetown so close to the Stabroek Market where they can take a boat ride for just $100. And yet these boys had not been able to ride on a boat. So I took them on their first boat ride. As we were crossing the Demerara River, I saw the joy in their eyes. The expression on their faces looked as though they had just won a million dollars. Watching them being so happy brought joy and tears to me.

I learned from that experience that children don’t ask for a lot to make them happy. A simple boat ride can make children happy and give them memories for a lifetime. I also learned that it doesn’t cost a lot financially to make children happy. In addition, I learned that you don’t have to take children far away for them to be happy. Sometimes it’s the little things that we do that make them happy. Sometimes something so simple can make a great impact. Many, many years from now those boys will not forget their first boat ride. And I feel fortunate that I was able to be a part of it.

 Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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