No surprise about the healthcare monies

Dear Editor,

The healthcare numbers on monies spent for ministers and prominent persons came as no surprise (SN, Feb 27). They form part of a sweet, rich, satisfying continuum of the favoured few under PPP rule.

Clearly, the local political aristocracy knows how to take care of itself. Costs are not a problem, there is no ceiling; just look at those figures. They tell the tale of two societies, two peoples: the lords (and ladies) of the manor, and the rest. The latter would be the great multitude of peasants in all their empty-handed, short-pocketed misery. All too frequently, there are the hopeful public appeals of struggling citizens seeking to meet various serious medical conditions; they are prompted to rely on the generosity of others. They might get the occasional official financial crumbs thrown their way, while the big shots grab the whole loaf, and the butter and jam, too.

To the sceptical, I say look at those numbers and the disparity between what is doled out on behalf of the high and mighty, as against the lesser in this society who are left to fend for themselves however they can. As a quick digression, I suggest some of those expenses be examined closely, given some of the folks involved. Now I return to this healthcare expense business.

I have read the great things spoken of the local public healthcare system; surely it should be good enough for the domestic dukes and duchesses. These would be the compassionate, voluble PPP leaders who tell Guyanese that they matter, and then embrace an infinitely higher standard for themselves.

Now those bills cover many regrettable physical maladies, but a sharp observer might assert that physical is only part of the story. Incidentally, those dental expenses speak of rich living. I do hope that the Jagan Dentistry cashed a few big ones. Yes, powerful men and women get to rearrange their smile at taxpayers’ expense, while the peons afflicted with cancer or a brain aneurysm are compelled to beg other citizens. But this is the communist way, what the fellows here learned from masters elsewhere.

The stone-faced men in the Kremlin used to feast on caviar, holiday on the Black Sea, and live high on the hog (and vodka) in the best residences in Moscow, while the poorer comrades starved and shivered. It was called egalitarianism and working class triumph. Their disciples over here have done way better, when one considers local realities. When a perk does not exist, it is manufactured first, and then customized. I hear that dog manicures, spas, and psychiatrists are in the works.

In sum, the PPP has the equivalent of an unwritten ‘Contract with Itself’ the principal clause of which is: Look out for one another, and look after each other.

As Jimmy Steward would have said of the PPP’s ways, “It’s a wonderful life.”

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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