Sooba’s bizarre acts continue unabated

Dear Editor,

I bring to your attention the examples below which represent a continuation of the bizarre acts committed openly by Ms Carol Sooba, the person imposed on the Georgetown Mayor and City Council, as Town Clerk, ag.

  1. At our Statutory Meeting of February 24, 2015, while the minutes were being corrected, two Councillors asked that the vulgar and disrespectful statements made by Ms Sooba at the previous meeting, be recorded and form part of the records of the council. Ms Sooba in an intemperate outburst objected and without seeking leave of the chair walked out of the meeting and did not return.
  2. In spite of satisfying all of the administrative procedures and a request by Minister Whittaker that the Full Council reaffirm its approval for the employment of Ms Hinds from July 2014, Ms Sooba has refused to send the file to the City Treasurer to effect payment to this young lady who has worked for over 9 months without being paid.

How can our society allow this inhumane, cruel abuse by a public officer is the question.

  1. The Mayor receives $70,000, yes seventy thousand Guyana dollars every quarter, as his stipend/allowance from the council. He has received neither travelling, nor entertainment allowances since the advent of Ms Sooba. This week it was discovered that Ms Sooba has been deducting sums and in other instances not paying any amounts into the Mayor’s account at his bank. The sums are so small that this was only noticed recently. Ms Sooba has given no reason or explanation for this. In like manner she has been deducting monies from the monthly stipends of certain Councillors. Full Council by resolution asked Ms Sooba to put in writing the ‘formula’ used for making these unprecedented deductions.

Ms Sooba has simply ignored this decision of Council; nevertheless this act continues unabated.

  1. A senior officer has had his salary cut in half by Ms Sooba for spurious reasons and beyond the authority of any Town Clerk, but this is taking place at City Hall.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green

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