NIS refused medical assistance

Dear Editor,

The Sunday Stabroek editorial of March 1, titled ‘Medical expenses’ is revealing, exposing the crassness, self-serving and callous attitude of this PPP administration.

Comments which can be found on the blog are helpful, some rather amusing had it not been for the seriousness of this matter. The worst part of it, is the example I gave earlier of my own and that of my family’s situation. Some years ago, faced with a health related challenge within my family it was brought to the HPS and the President’s attention. Promises were made, but that was the end of the matter. We had to fend on our own.

More recently faced with an optical problem, all documentation was done to satisfy the NIS rules about when the condition was first diagnosed, and the fact that the treatment was not available in Guyana. All of this, as was the case of Dr Mitchell, was presented to the NIS. It satisfied the rules but when it reached the board it was rejected by Dr Luncheon and the PPP dominated board.

I was not asking for a favour, but as one of the earliest contributors to the National Insurance Scheme, I considered it a reasonable entitlement. I was not asking for cosmetic surgery; I am not in receipt of a super salary and benefits. Indeed the opposite is the case. It is clear that a depraved PPP administration knows full well that I cannot be compromised, intimidated or silenced.

Thank God I have loving and caring children who remain willing to make sacrifices in response to a government that fails to recognize several decades of public service, has no idea of justice or of plain decency.

Congratulations to the Sunday Stabroek editorial and I hope that every citizen will read the editorial and appreciate how much they must do to bring to an end this callous corruption.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green, JP

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