Commending the staff at the GPH

Dear Editor,

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has come a long way compared to my last visit there in 2010. From the time myself and family arrived with my grandmother at the emergency entrance on New Market Street, the attendants ran towards us, not knowing whether the situation was life threatening or not. Before assisting us to take my sick grandma out of the car, I could hear them asking her where she was experiencing pain or where her injury was. Instead of using the wheelchair they decided to use a stretcher.

Upon entering the emergency area, the place was visibly clean and the aroma confirmed that it had been recently cleaned. I was not expecting this, especially not at GPHC.

My grandma had to be admitted and was placed in the female surgical ward. In the following weeks we visited her on every single visiting occasion. We were there so often that it felt as though we had also been admitted. As a result of this, we experienced the hospital for ourselves.

The nurses and doctors were really courteous to my family. Grandma told us how nice the nurses and doctors were to her. She said the nurses were always there when she needed them while the doctors were always checking on her and went the extra mile.

The cleaners are really doing a superb job. My hat goes off to them. These individuals have really kept on top of their jobs. As soon as any spill or accidents occurred these persons wasted no time in ensuring that it was cleaned and disinfected immediately.

Unfortunately, grandma passed away. She did not make it out of the hospital, but my family is grateful to the doctors, nurses, attendants, and cleaners of the GPHC for the professionalism displayed from the first day to the last of my grandma’s stay. I thank them all and would like to encourage them to continue their good work.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Smith

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