No religious disrespect intended

Dear Editor,

I am obliged to respond to Chris Persaud’s ‘Concerned about reference to “Christian workers”’ (SN, March 4).

First, I thank the writer for the kind words. I see my efforts as serving through articulating what those without a voice, or the wherewithal, are not in a position to do.

Second, there is little interest in joining a party; there is no interest (absolutely none) at this time in forming anything related to one, though the idea is intriguing. And I do agree that writing letters is not enough. It is why I am involved in other things.

Third, and most important, there was no intention of implying anything to any other group or religion through my use of the word “Christian.” The word was used because I knew both Miss Foster and Mr Taljit from a common church presence, which happened to be Christian. This was the extent of the thinking behind my use of that word.

No one should infer otherwise, for that would be a misimpression and a highly inaccurate one, too. It would be hypocritical of me to write of “ills in this society,” according to the letter contributor, and then burden it with some of my own creation, namely religious disrespect.

Last, it should be noticed in this writing that I am careful to say “the writer” and not Mr or Miss Persaud, as ‘Chris’ Persaud could be an abbreviation for Christopher or Christina. I would not want to be misinterpreted a second time.

 Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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