Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate the coalition—APNU-AFC, on their launching of their election campaign. It was an historic and wonderful occasion.

There are two aspects which should be mention here:-

firstly, the process of bringing the parties together under one political umbrella, which has been opened to provide ordinary citizens with much-needed shelter from the banalities of the PPP/C. This process included talks, a shared vision, compromises and setting aside personal and party interests for the greater good of our country;

and secondly, the substance of a shared coalition vision to make Guyana a better place for all Guyanese. This includes the degrading and destroying of racial politics; the winner takes all policy; the use of state resources and institutions to intimidate those who do not support the PPP/C; nepotism; and the destruction of the moral fabric of our society.

The coalition must now intensify its campaign to encompass all Guyanese and spread the spirit of hope and prosperity in every region.

 Yours faithfully,

Ranwell Jordan

City Councillor

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