Dear Editor,

As all Guyanese join with our Hindu brothers and sisters to observe Holi, we are reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s wise counsel that “civilisation is the encouragement of differences.” As the Hindu community marks the season of Phagwah every Guyanese can identify with the belief of this celebration which signifies the victory of good over evil.

The cultural diversity that underpins the beauty of moulding One People, One Nation, One Destiny is manifest in this sacred event in the Hindu’s calendar. That this event is designated a national holiday is another triumph of our historical struggles to eliminate bigotry and intolerance in our midst. These are gains that we must protect, defend and deepen.

Guyana has travelled a journey that has been one of ups and downs. As Guyanese we always manage to overcome and unite in recognition that together we can aspire, together we can achieve. The journey for good is not over until every Guyanese, regardless of religious persuasion, too can claim that victory over evil, be it in the affairs of government or the challenges in our personal lives.

We all yearn for the dawning of a new and brighter day and a new day will come. All it requires is keeping our eyes on the prize and never wavering or giving in to temptation. Inevitably, good always triumphs evil.

Happy Holi to our Hindu brothers and sisters and all Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Sharma Solomon

Regional Chairman

RDC Region 10

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