‘Study the past and you will know the future’

Dear Editor,

With respect to the interview with Mr Khemraj Ramjattan’s on March 4 in the Stabroek News,

I would like to say that the AFC membership was not consulted for the party to join APNU. Only the National Executive decides on that along with a few members. The AFC does not have a roll of membership and they do not know how many members they have.

Mr Ramjattan said the personnel in APNU are not the same people who participated in rigging elections, so where were David Granger, Amna Ally, Robert Corbin and Oscar Clarke when the elections were rigged? Where the AFC’s internal elections were concerned, a few were elected to the executive in breach of the AFC’s constitution, for example, Moses Nagamootoo and Rajendra Bissessar. The AFC also did not produce audited accounts at the National Congress as required by the AFC Constitution.

No matter what the AFC do, they will lose most of their Indian voters to the PPP. The AFC has betrayed their supporters by saying that they will never merge with the PPP or PNC, but now they have betrayed their supporters by joining the APNU which the PNC is part of. The AFC was established as a third force to bring unity to Guyana among all the races, but now they have joined the predominantly Afro-Guyanese APNU to oust the Indian-based PPP/C.

Only a few weeks ago Mr. Ramjattan said joining the APNU was not on the cards for the AFC, so why the sudden change?

The only thing I can see is that the AFC is hungry for power to satisfy their egos. The AFC is talking about racial unity yet one of its leaders, Moses Nagamootoo, said he will deliver 11% of the Indian votes to the coalition. Will this bring racial unity?

I am not against racial unity but the AFC is not the party to promote it as they are causing more division than unity. The PNC and the PPP are in a better position to promote racial unity than the AFC. The PPP/C has a well-balanced cabinet representing all races, and has supporters of all races.

Mr Ramjattan said we should forget the past, but may I remind him of the old saying, ‘Study the past and you will know the future.’

 Yours faithfully,

Balwant Persaud

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