Time for Cameron, Sanasie to reconsider future in WI cricket

Dear Editor,

I was saddened and disappointed when I learnt that the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) announced its support for Dave Cameron, the current WICB president. His true incompetence unfolded itself in November of 2014, as the West Indies players pulled out of an India tour which could cost the region US$42 million. Cameron’s handling of the situation was just short of appalling. There is no doubt that the vote of confidence has been influenced by the GCB Secretary, Mr. Sanasie, who is also a WICB director. His service has also been questionable over the past few years going to the extent where even the PPP called for him to resign his post. Certainly a cricket legend in Joel Garner would be an improvement with his charisma and passion having served the West Indies during its glory days of times past. Perhaps it is time that Mr. Cameron and Mr. Sanasie reconsider their future in West Indies cricket.

Yours faithfully,

Randhir Persaud

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