Government should be more strategic in how it approaches foreign policy

Dear Editor,


In light of Venezuela’s objection to offshore oil exploration activities by Exxon in Guyana’s territorial waters, the Guyana government has got to strengthen and improve its diplomatic relations with the United States.

Over the past few years this relationship has been testy. Going forward, it is imperative that the Guyana government be more strategic and holistic in how it approaches the country’s foreign policy. Ad hoc and reactionary outbursts do not constitute a sound foreign policy approach; it must be grounded in clearly defined philosophical and guiding principles.

Venezuela has proven to be erratic and inconsistent on this issue. There is discord and disconnect between the Venezuelan governing authorities’ diplomatic posturing and their public actions and rhetoric in relation to this issue. Much pressure is bearing down on the Venezuelan government from other stakeholders, which includes the opposition political parties and some senior members of the military, and they concede to these groups whenever actual exploration activities begin in the area of contention.

It is time our government be firm on this issue and not be gulled into counterfactual promises made by the Venezuelan authorities.


Yours faithfully,
Clinton Urling

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