A new mood of confidence among Guyanese

Dear Editor,

I read with interest an article in the Stabroek News of Saturday, March 7, captioned ‘Fewer Guyanese looking to migrate.’ The article was referring to a survey conducted for the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP).

According to the findings of the survey which was conducted mid-last year, Guyanese are more satisfied with their lives and are therefore less likely to migrate to overseas destinations.

I know of several Guyanese who are in receipt of US visas and who go on short visits to the United States and return home, even though they could have remained much longer if they had so wanted.

This new mood of confidence and satisfaction among Guyanese today is consistent with the LAPOP findings that life in Guyana is much better than before and that Guyanese are less inclined to work and live overseas than was the case earlier.

Something good must be happening in our country to have resulted in a new dispensation where many visa holders prefer to go on short holidays overseas and return to their country rather than spending longer periods or risk overstaying their stipulated time.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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