The election season promises to be a fun time all around

Dear Editor,

This young election season has already had its share of surprises. As the days lengthen more angling and positioning should be expected.

The red carpet Elisabeth Harper arrival had hardly registered, when a couple of discreet movements sneaked their way into the consciousness. First, the former man from health discovered that he is now unhealthy, and wants out. Ostensibly, this is to fix his personal business(es). Then, the youth leader decided to come clean: He revealed some more of his slip, which was already showing to a considerable extent. The interests and concerns of the young were more of a cover than a priority. It is hoped that he will stick to his latest pursuit, and it is not another Teflon moment.

I believe that there will be more of the same slinking towards the exits on the one hand, and a sidling towards the waiting gravy train on the other, by those weighing the odds and handicaps in this Grand National election sweepstakes. Here are some more names and faces.

Foreign Affairs exposed some political décolletage that was not well-viewed. I say gone, her days for climbing on tables while electioneering are done. Next, the lady named after an English dictionary, but who comes across like an American comic book is safe. She is harmless, fun, and a confirmed follower. Mark her down as a keeper. Similarly, the man from NICIL knows too much to be left unattended and on the outside. He could prove to be a solid, weighty Minister of Commerce and Trade and Hospitality and Development and… and…. The man is so good and is so involved, he would make a formidable Minister of National Security – he knows everything that there is to know, and there is an added bonus: He can keep a secret. This one man has enough in his head to bring down a government. It is wise to bring him inside, and keep the Jagdeo faction happy.

Further, I hear that the Minister of Education is contemplating spending time with her young and growing family. Way to go, girl! She is tired, sounds jaded, looks listless. Family should be the needed tonic. I do trust that this is polite enough. A good replacement would be… Let’s see… there is the need for somebody really smart. I need to return on this one another time.

Even further, it is time for the man supposedly responsible for things lawful to seize the moment and make a gracious departure. He could shelter under the all-purpose “pursuing other interests.” That would be as good as any, and could include sharing war stories with the man paid a million a month for doing nothing. I can see these two re-engineered generals put out to pasture and enjoying highly liquefied laughs; many of these, compliments of the Guyanese taxpayer.

Quite frankly, more than a few have read the writing on the wall. While they do not have the insights of Daniel, they can certainly see the party’s Belshazzar looking pale, ruffled, and troubled. Tempestuous times are predicted. Thus, men want out, so they can live happily ever after in less vigilant climes. It is likely that some unpleasant surprises are in store.

In the meantime, those lining up to get in include Clinton (not Hilary); the wonderfully named Selman woman; a couple of private sector performers, and some still-to-be-named indigenous takers. They are all known characters and persons of interest.

Now the horses are off, and while the pack is still sorting itself out, there are a handful of sneaky, nifty creatures waiting on the far turn to insert themselves into the proceedings. Attention should not waver from those pulling up short, while pretending to be lame, and those changing colours in mid-race. It promises to be a fun time all around.

 Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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