Coalition launch should not have been held at the Pegasus

Dear Editor,

Finally the long conversation is at an end. The Cummingsburg Accord has been signed. This coalition allows the two political parties, the APNU and the AFC, to contest the upcoming general and regional elections as one entity.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me that makes me take the present politicians with a bag of salt. Especially politicians in this our fair land. These people always seem to start off on the wrong foot, and by their insensitive attitude and behaviour reveal themselves.

Imagine an occasion of this magnitude (the signing of the accord) for this nation. And it was delivered in the Savannah Suite of the Pegasus Hotel. Quite a way away from the voting man and woman in Lodge, wouldn’t you think? Was this occasion a private affair? Selected guests only in the Savannah Suite? Was the suite offered as a campaign contribution? How many people outside of the invitees were aware of this announcement? SN reported “that the Savannah Suite was filled.” With whom? The usual suspects?

Politicians who seem to be heading in a certain direction, surround themselves with a certain class and type of people. The back-slappers and those who grin in their faces and tell them how great they are. And their elitism is obnoxious. For them any intended slight of John Public is inadvertent.

Would it not have served a better purpose if the occasion had been held at the Square of the Revolution, the Parade Ground, the National Park or the GCC or GFC? Any one of those places would have tripled the crowd in the Savannah Suite, not to mention provided easy accessibility for by the thousands of voters, who would have heard Mr Granger’s speech. They would have also heard from the former PPP stalwart, Mr Nagamooto as he tried to change his spots. The choice of the Savannah Suite was an insult to thousands of voters, and was ludicrous as the PPP’s choice of Mrs Harper to be their PM candidate. Like everything else in this country, it’s always style over substance.

We the people of this beleaguered nation are getting ready for yet another go at electing people to high office. And the pool we have consists of the same persons who did nothing for the past three years. How could we go wrong?


Yours faithfully,
Milton Bruce

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