Dear Editor,

‘Alliance gearing up for civil society talks’ (SN, Mar 8): I am ready to believe that these folks are genuine. I will go a step farther: I believe they are serious and real. I am not deterred by the spectre of more disappointment; I am not afraid to be wrong. I am ready to trust, and do so publicly.

I hear of reaching out and consultation for possible inclusion in several troubling areas of life in Guyana. Lord knows there are many; I am certain that some of those are also under consideration.

It is a start. Now let agreement and decisions and structure and commitment follow.

There is talk of church and labour and others; community is in there. And so are the multitudes of disillusioned citizens with all their pent-up frustrations and energies, their anger and determination, and their interest and vision in contributing towards making this place called home work just once. I believe that it can.

Given the right people, the right mindsets, and right approaches, this country might just begin to breathe, to live. To really live; to live here no longer seems to be an unreachable star, a dreaded and dreadful meaninglessness.

If these conversations can be solidified quickly, then the alliance could come to mean more than a political partnership between former competing blocs. The alliance could come to represent people in the middle of a movement to take back this country, to be involved in the trajectory of their destinies, and to make something different happen; something so different that it can be special and unprecedented.

It is for all these reasons I say why not? I say why not now?

And last I say why not through the leadership and sponsorship of those who may have experienced a rare epiphany and now have Guyana and Guyanese close at heart.

There is nothing to lose. There is much to gain.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall