Will the PPP invite ROAR to join it?

Dear Editor,


Election fever is in the air again and parties are jockeying for position. In addition to exposing their policies via the various media outlets, one party, APNU is attracting the smaller parties to its fold. The most recent has been AFC joining the APNU. This movement of the AFC is in keeping with its voting record in Parliament as a united opposition to the PPP. If the last election is any guide to the future voting pattern of the electorate, then this does not bode well for the ruling PPP.

This situation leaves only one other significant party unaccounted for, and that is ROAR. ROAR and Ravi Dev have been quiet for the last couple of years. Some call it the wilderness years. Others are claiming that Dev has gone to the Himalayas to seek the counsel of a higher authority. Be that as it may, inquiring minds want to know if the PPP is going to persist with their arrogant policy of ‘you don’t fit the profile’?

ROAR’s core leadership gathered in New York the week leading to the Phagwah celebration to analyze the latest development in Guyana and made recommendations as to its commitment to the Guyanese people. Positive commitments have been made by the members and the groundwork has been laid as to moving forward.

The PPP should at this critical juncture issue a clear and uncertain invitation to Ravi Dev and ROAR to share their platform. Can the PPP afford to take the chance and risk having ROAR and Ravi Dev campaign against them? I think not. Are they going to be true Jaganites and issue an invitation to Ravi Dev and all democratic forces to come and join the PPP to preserve democracy?


Yours faithfully,
Latchman Mohabir







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