Can we not avoid ad hominem attacks during the campaign?

Dear Editor,


This week we celebrate the death anniversary of the reputed ‘father of our nation’, personal hero to me and I believe most Guyanese, the late Dr Cheddi Jagan who dedicated his life for the betterment of Guyana.

Among other things, he worked to unite the races and pursued policies that benefited the common man, while he lived an exemplary life of honesty, personal integrity, hard work and dedication to the cause of improving the lives all Guyanese. Indeed his work and lifestyle, as is well-known and already amply documented, characterized the moral high road.

As we approach the national elections scheduled for May 11, can we not try to emulate this great leader?

Can we not avoid ad hominem attacks on others who try to follow in his footsteps in their own ways and through their own parties?

Can we not consider and debate objective policies, approaches, programmes and the so-called ‘Manifestos’ of competing political parties, instead of the reported continuing personal bashing of personalities?

I believe appeals like this might invite criticisms of my being naïve, but is it really necessary for those who seek the highest offices in our land to stoop as low as is being reported in the media?


Yours faithfully,
Nowrang Persaud

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