Devastated by news of Crum-Ewing’s death

Dear Editor,

I remember my school days at QC with Courtney Crum-Ewing. He was an ardent E houser while I was the quiet H houser. I remember those Facebook debates. I remembered how we both were trying to deal with the mental scars of our absent fathers. I remember we did not always agree but at the end of it we remained very good friends. The banter we shared, I will remember. The love for our daughters we shared.

Only the day before yesterday I commented on his daughter’s beautiful picture and the confidence I have that like her daddy she will be not only an academic but someone with strong conviction.

When my close friend Philip Vandeyar texted me the sad news I was devastated. Unable to sleep I turned to pills and potion.

My heart goes out to his little angel he adored. I am shocked. RIP my brother. RIP my friend. RIP my hero. My heart aches. My eyes are sore. My emotions are raw.


Yours faithfully,
Mark Devonish

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