Following Crum-Ewing’s death all young people should become fully engaged in the electoral process

Dear Editor,

Courtney Nickosi Crum-Ewing dedicated part of his life to social justice and betterment for all our people. For his efforts we all must be grateful to this Guyanese patriot. Unfortunately he had to die at the hands of political assassins in his quest for greater fairness in our society.

The response that will have the most impactful outcome for the majority of the people would be a re-dedication of our efforts to ensure the majority of our people vote solidly against the oppressive forces in Freedom House. I want to strongly encourage maturity.

This means young people all across Guyana, especially in the urban areas, who had no time for the 2011 elections (even though they were eligible to vote), have to be motivated to become fully engaged in the electoral process in 2015. Politicians have to make a more determined effort at understanding the ambitions of the youths. All the hours spent in political strategy meetings and the construction will come to naught unless we make the effort to properly understand the needs of the young people.

They do not want political division, but more bread and jobs. They do not want violence and more lawlessness but a fair society where anyone can get ahead irrespective of who their parents are.

I first met Courtney many moons ago at Queen’s College, and always found him to be a straight-up fellow, and we have been talking on and off over the years on various issues. When on December 21, 2014 he threatened to abandon his ‘Anil must go’ campaign, I did converse with him on how effective his struggle was since he was making a greater impact on the issue than the organized opposition.

In February 2015, he advised me that he was commencing a bullhorn crusade until May 2015 to which I responded, “excellent idea”. What is vitally needed is not one, but hundreds of soldiers to replace Courtney on the bullhorn crusade, by going to every village across Guyana with their bullhorns to tell the people at their front doors why the PPP and Anil must go!

All those who are against the unrighteous sort of politics emanating from Freedom House must rededicate themselves to the cause.

So I ask all of Guyana to offer a prayer for the soul of my comrade and school-mate Courtney. May his soul rest in peace.

Because of his death, better must come to Guyana.


Yours faithfully,
Sase Singh

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