Opposition media should focus on issues of substance

Dear Editor,

The attempts made by the political opposition, aided and abetted by the opposition media, to divert public attention from real and substantive issues of national development has not gone unnoticed. Indeed, too much attention is being paid to frivolous matters which are not germane to the well-being and future development of Guyana.

It is unbelievable how much media space is given in the opposition press to distort remarks made at Babu John on the issue of race, and the manner in which race was used by both the colonial powers and the PNC regime to divide our people and perpetuate the then status quo based on undemocratic and minority rule.

The best safeguard against any form of abuse to our national patrimony is to allow for the free and democratic expression of the Guyanese people as to who they want to be their elected representatives. This was denied the Guyanese people for close to three decades under the PNC regime.

I urge the media, in particular the opposition media, to move away from cheap and sensational journalism and focus more on issues of substance. The Guyanese electorate is more concerned with what is in store for them to ensure political stability and further improvements in the quality of their lives, rather than issues that are lacking in substance.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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