Boats should be fixed in time for Easter Regatta

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to the Minster of Public Works for hearing the people’s cries for a better landing system for speedboats at Vreed-en-Hoop and Georgetown. It is very difficult when rain falls to use the stairway, in addition to which some boat operators need training in courtesy although others have fairly good manners.

There is need for some improvement at Parika and Bartica. Parika needs a floating ramp with steps for speed boats.

What is happening with the MV Makouria? It’s now two months since the vessel has been working with one engine. In addition, one of the Chinese vessels is working with one engine, so what is really wrong? A spare parts problem? Mechanics? These important vessels should have spares and not be waiting for spares or mechanics to come. Easter is coming and we need a proper and fast service to and from Bartica, and to and from Supenaam. T&HD has improved a lot and should not slide back now.

We are looking forward for the MV Makouria to travel up to Bartica on Saturday, April 4 for the Easter Regatta, returning on April 6, so the travelling public hopes both boats get fixed by the end of March.


Yours faithfully,
Winston B Miller Sr    

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