Commissioner of Police made incisive presentation

Dear Editor,

I was an attendee at the March 9 opening of the Police Officers’ Conference 2015. The proceedings compelled me to make the following observations:

Without intending any slight to presentations by other Commissioners of Police on similar occasions, I found the presentation of Commissioner Persaud to be structured, focused, incisive and informative. His administration and himself must be given kudos for offering a plan of action to this nation in terms of overall police work and it is essential that citizens throw their weight behind the Guyana Police Force to bring to fruition a much revived and structured mission.

President Ramotar himself offered a very pragmatic 15-point “desirables list” for the Force’s deliberation. His understanding of the national security situation was very evident in his presentation.

I am convinced that it must be the wish of all who listened to the President and to the Top Cop that all members of the Force will embrace and effectuate the many new initiatives rolled out, so that we can disprove the conclusions of the recent poll, which was not very complimentary to the Force.

Yours faithfully,
Taajnauth Jadunauth

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