Guyoil does not advise payment of large sums in cash

Dear Editor,

An article captioned ‘Armed motorcycle bandit, accomplice rob businessman of $2.5M at fuel depot’ was published in the Guyana Chronicle, on March 10, whereby the reporter stated, inter alia: “He [businessman] described as very nonsensical Guyoil’s policy of not allowing businessmen desirous of transacting business immediate entry into the compound, despite management knowing that they have millions in cash on their person.”

Please be informed that all customers doing business with Guyoil are continuously advised and encouraged to make payment by any of the following methods in order to avoid carrying cash in person: a personal or company cheque, providing they do not have a record of tendering dishonoured cheques to the company, or manager’s cheque if there is a risk that their cheque may be dishonoured, or transferring funds from their account to the company’s account via a commercial bank.


Yours faithfully,
Badrie Persaud
Managing Director

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