Dear Editor,

I write this letter out of great respect, regard and honour for my fellow Guyanese. March 10, 2015 was a very sad day for many of us; sad because Guyana has lost a good citizen – Courtney Crum-Ewing. The circumstances under which Courtney died, are extremely painful for many to come to terms with and perhaps will forever be difficult to accept. Many are concerned as to what the reaction of the Guyanese people will be to this tragedy, but here is where the Guyanese people have earned my utmost respect.

There is something about Guyana and the Guyanese people that prevents us from falling apart as a country and as a people. Some say it is our faith, some say that it is apathy, some call it fear, but today I call it a combination of faith and a whole lot of love for country. For too many of us, it is inconceivable for Guyana to not be the country that we know it to be in the broader context, hence we are a marvellously patient people. A little indisciplined at times, but nevertheless, very patient.

I know that many people are hurting because of the horrible way in which Courtney met his death, however, I am appealing to my fellow citizens, my fellow brothers and sisters, let’s hold it together. Let us remain calm and composed, let us keep our focus; we have a nation to build and a future to forge.

In the words of one of our national songs, ‘Song of the Republic,’ “We’ll forge a nation’s mighty soul, construct a nation’s frame, freedom our everlasting goal, courage and truth our aim, unyielding in our quest for peace, like ancient heroes brave, to strive and strive and never cease with strength beyond the slave.”


Yours faithfully,
Audreyanna Thomas

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