Patra is the authentic guide for dates of festivals

Dear Editor,

I refer to Amar Persaud’s letter captioned ‘Conflict of dates,’ published in Stabroek News on March 11. .

It is true that dates for important Hindu Festivals, viz, Phagwah, Hanuman Jayanti, Krishna Janam Ashtami and Diwali, differ between the Calendar of Dharmic Sabha and those of other Hindu organizations. I do not wish to dwell on Phagwah, since that is now history, but on showing the correct dates for the others. The source is the 100-year Patra, which is the authentic guide for all Hindus. (All times given are the ending times). The formula is standard.

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Thus, Chaturdashi ends on Friday 3rd April at 4.52am. Purnima, which begins immediately after, runs for the entire day and night of April 3rd, and ends on Saturday 4th at 7.05am. Purnima is Friday night 3rd April. Hanuman Jayanti is therefore, April 3rd.

Krishna Janam Ashtami – 4th September

‘Janam’ literally means ‘birth’ and ‘Ashtami’ is the 8th Tithi, (lunar day), of a fortnight. Sri Krishna appeared at 12 midnight on the Ashtami in the dark half of the month of Bhadrapada. Calculation:


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Ashtami, which will begin at 5.14 pm on the 4th September, will run the entire night of the 4th and will end on the 5th at 4.35pm. Sri Krishna Janam Ashtami will, therefore, fall on midnight of the 4th September. Janam Ashtami is 4th September.

For the record, let it be mentioned in passing that Purnima (Holika Dahan) and Holi were in fact 4th and 5th March, respectively.

It is hoped that the date for Diwali will be resolved before the event.

Those who may desire further clarification or confirmation are invited to visit one or all of the following websites:

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Pt R Balbadar
Sanatan Vaidic Dharma Pandit’s Sabha, Region 3

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