SN is harassing Glen Lall

Dear Editor,

The public has noted Stabroek News’ continued obsession with the withdrawal details of Glen Lall’s tax evasion charges. It’s almost as if they have a personal vendetta or agenda. It should be noted that Mr Lall has already publicly commented on this matter and the majority of the reasonable public are quite satisfied with his response.

Only people with a political or personal agenda have an interest in harassing Mr Lall and keeping this story alive.

The Stabroek News should be reminded that we the Guyanese people are interested in real news, not fabricated news. And we are becoming very turned off by their petty pursuit.

They should correct themselves, least they find their newspaper following the path of the Guyana Chronicle and not being read.

David De Caires is probably turning in his grave to see his newspaper being used as a harassment tool by the PPP. The irony.


Yours faithfully,
Michael De Weever

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