Two ‘tigers’ not one

Dear Editor,

Two days ago, I visited the village of Bethany, where I formerly served as headmaster. Shortly after my arrival, I realized the death of the tigers (jaguars) was the talk of everyone in the community.

Upon further investigation, the following was discovered:-

After terrorizing the villagers for almost three months and greatly depleting the population of dogs in the communities of Mashabo and Bethany, the tigers were finally dead. It was the popular belief that one tiger was tormenting the two villages, which are only two hours’ walk from each other. But on the night of March 8, a large tiger was caught in a trap prepared by villagers in Mashabo, while another tiger was shot and killed in the village of Bethany after taking the life of one of the few remaining dogs.

What an end from the torment of the tigers! It was indeed a signal moment for the people of the villages of Mashabo and Bethany.


Yours faithfully,
Winston O James

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