Diaspora will only return if crime is tackled

Dear Editor,

Most of us in the diaspora are looking on with optimism as events keep unfolding since the new administration has taken office.

The consensus is that for Guyanese to start thinking of returning home in sizable numbers, the government must show that it holds all public servants accountable for their responsibilities and there must be a sincere effort in combating crime.

In addressing the latter, no country will ever be entirely crime free, but a progressive country must have certain elements in place to show that that they take this epidemic seriously. It is not enough to address only certain sections of law enforcement such as crime scene investigation or forensic lab operations, but a more holistic approach must be taken in order to ensure progress. This means that the entire police force must be brought into the 21st century – officers should be well paid, properly trained and well equipped. Every officer in the force should be able to write a report which becomes necessary once a citation is issued or an arrest made; the resolution of every case will then be on record. Police stations should be computerized, covered by CCT sytems, have enough vehicles and two-way radio systems in addition to a functioning emergency response system in order to function properly.

As part of law enforcement, the judicial system must also be upgraded in order for the entire agency to show progress.

Granted, this project will come at considerable but not insurmountable expense, and with the help and cooperation of foreign governments such as Canada and India, it can become a reality before long.

Best wishes for the Coalition.


Yours faithfully,
Shamim Ibrahim

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