All must be held to the same standards

Dear Editor,


The deep faith in our national motto One People, One Nation, One Destiny rests on a core belief system. It is the belief that all must be held to the same standards and play by the same rules. This translates to cooperation in ensuring established institutions are working for all and not just for some. Where our laws reject certain behaviours and require of us the application of certain procedures, we can achieve this when these standards and rules are applied to all and for all.

Public service is one of the greatest honours in man’s earthly life. When this honour is bestowed, it requires playing by the rules and adhering to the standards set by the people. It is betrayal of the people’s trust when that honour is seen as an entitlement to operate as a law unto oneself. Simply put, you cannot do as you want when you are being paid by the people to work for the people, based on rules established by the people.

Though the revelations of corrupt practices come as no surprise, the diverse condemnations and calls to apply the rule of law in order to address such misconduct, are reminders that it is in our hands to make the dream of One People, One Nation, One Destiny a reality.

We are reminded by these condemnations that corruption (white collar crime) like blue collar crime, is not the domain of any group (race, class, religion, etc). The evidence further demonstrates what this beautiful land and her diverse people can together achieve when they cooperate for Guyana and resolve to fight together. It confirms a core belief that we can do it right together. Onward, upward, may we ever grow!


Yours faithfully,

Sharma Solomon.

Regional Chairman

Region 10

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