No single voice on Enmore Martyrs’ Day

Dear Editor,


It was very unfortunate and sad that at the Enmore Martyrs’ Commemoration Day we witnessed two different sets of persons saying different things.

The People’s Progressive Party was trying to score cheap political points and in so doing change the purpose of those who were present there, just as they did at Babu John when they met to pay tribute to the late President Dr Cheddi Jagan; I would describe that occasion as political rally.

So much trash is spoken at some commemoration ceremonies and some anniversaries, that there is good reason for some people to stay away. Some speakers definitely use the occasion for purposes for which it was not intended, and try to rewrite our history.

I can recall about maybe four or five years ago being a Member of the Region Two Regional Democratic Council for the Alliance for Change (AFC) at a flag-raising ceremony to mark our Independence on the lawns of the Anna Regina Town Council. The main speaker, Mr Robert Persaud, then Agriculture Minister, was very careful not mention Mr Forbes Burnham’s name, and the role he played during the struggle for independence from our colonial masters − of course along with Dr Jagan and Mr Peter D’Aguiar of the United Force.

During this Minister’s address he mentioned Jagan’s name more than fifty times, but Burnham and D’Aguiar not a single time, bearing in mind that Forbes Burnham and all the other leaders were visiting London regularly to hold talks for our independence.

I had wanted to walk out from that function during the address, but I thought it would have been unethical for me to do so. In retrospect, I think should have left.

Yours faithfully,

Archie W Cordis

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