Dear Editor,


There is a blatant and arrogant customer unfriendliness practised by businesses in Guyana, whereby the servants behave as though they are doing the paying customers a favour when serving them. One such business sold a shower stall to a customer and later had the item delivered in a set of unopened boxes. It neglected, however, to verify that all the components were included and were in proper working condition. The same should have been done in the customer’s presence.

When the customer attempted to have someone other than the company’s staff install the cabin, it was discovered that one glass panel had been shattered in the box, and the roof of the cabin had not been delivered. The cabin was made in China, and strangely the assembly manual had numbers which did not correspond to anything that could be seen as being helpful. All along the customer felt that the business owed him the responsibility of guaranteeing that the item seen in the store’s showroom would be put in place in his home. But the company contended that all they were obligated to do was to sell the item. Mind you, this item was bought in November 2014 and the ongoing contention seems without end.

In other parts of the world such businesses would be picketed, and the same should be done in Guyana. How can it be expected that a customer pay for an item and is unable to use it because of negligence and the arrogant demeanour of the seller? Businesses must respect their customers if they desire to keep those customers, for who would want to shop at a store where only your money has worth. Someone should give answer as to a viable recourse.

Yours faithfully,

Jorge Bowenforbes

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