People should be able to access basic services at all hospitals

Dear Editor,

I am a pensioner and find it very inconvenient and fatiguing to visit the Public Hospital in Georgetown in order to get tests done and then go back to collect results another day. People have to travel from far distances at very early hours to be in a queue by six-thirty in the morning to be attended to by nurses /medics who turn out for work at eight.

The Diamond Diagnostic Centre is a convenient place where labs should be established to do the same work as those in the Georgetown hospital.

It is very sickening when you visit a section of the hospital to see scores of people ahead of you seeking the same service as you. The waiting time is very daunting and tiring on the aged.

I would like to commend the nurses for their patience and skill in dealing with irate and restless patients on a daily basis.

The present Minister of Health is taking stock of situations in hospitals around the country. I am sure that he is working towards making access to health care easier for all. This is a welcome move, and as he rightly remarked, many health centres and hospitals need to be upgraded. People should be able to have basic services in all hospitals and not only at GPH.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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