The new era of high decorum in Parliament

Dear Editor,

Now that parliament is back in session, and there is the promise of high decorum, my expectations are also high. I intend to be watchful for significant improvements in the raucous, ramshackle rhetoric that went before, and passed for intelligent, national discourse.

It is my hope to hear the flair and thrust of Churchill, Blackstone, Shakespeare, Marcus Aurelius, Byron, Cato the Younger, and Aeschylus, among other illustrious names resonating off the walls of that hallowed assembly, and inspiring all to greater heights.

Let the chamber soar and thunder making the heart leap, the soul stir, and bring a knowing smile. Elevate the discussions and the place to grandeur while pondering and articulating the people’s business. Make it come alive.

This society deserves to witness well-prepared, intense craftsmanship in the great game of parliamentary manoeuvre and jousting.

For those who lack the contexts and contents, I can make myself available for private tutoring (extra lessons) at the bargain price of one hundred thousand (Guyana) an hour. Some may require considerable attention. For the dithering opposition, I would gladly throw in Mao, and Comrades Lenin and Trotsky, among others of the revered. Of course, the charge would be higher, given the deep pockets and steep learning curve.

Yes, it is time that this body be about the deliberative and substantive, and keen, incisive dissection and exploration of the nation’s vital interests. Let the prior coarseness be a standard of the past, a bad, forgettable memory.


Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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