Dear Editor,


The article captioned ‘Massive fraud taking place with Bai Shan Lin’s logs export’ in the Sunday, June 21, edition of Kaieteur News refers.

In Guyana it costs US$220 to move a cubic metre 200 miles. In China, it costs US$760 to move from the forest to about 11,000 miles (?).

So 760 – 220 = US$540 to move 9,000 miles (?). This is 540 ÷ 9000 = US 6 cents per cubic metre per mile. Guyana gets 220 ÷ 200 = US$1.10 per cubic metre per mile.

Where is the fraud of US$84 to US$440 million taking place? Who is robbing whom?

There are strong allegations of corruption, but do not mislead the public. I may be ignorant, however, I am not stupid.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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