Government ignored technical advice on Haags Bosch

Dear Editor,

The Haags Bosch landfill site is deemed an environmental disaster.

Day by day Guyana has witnessed the ill deeds and monumental damage done to the city and state by the PPP/C administration. Recall the previous Minister, without any notice, began to use this facility even though he had received technical advice from knowledgeable persons. Hence, owing to the government mishandling of this important project and ignoring advice from consultants, the contractor BK International was then forced to handle more than double the tonnage of waste being delivered. Nonetheless, we were forced at additional cost to have our solid waste contractors move to Haags Bosch.

Of course, a PPP/C Government, not a sober administration, without knowledge of the duly elected Mayor and City Council identified which firms should execute solid waste.

Thank God citizens can look forward to relief now that we have a caring government, a partly renewed Georgetown municipality, the business community and citizens on board. It’s a long rocky road ahead, but we have started.

With support from the above mentioned groups, I remain willing, able and committed to restore a beleaguered city.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green

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